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Website Redo for a Printing Company

When collaborating with established businesses (5 years + in business) we typically have two types of clients - the first being the one that is constantly auditing the brand’s look, messaging, positioning. Not giving it a chance to resonate with the market. And the second being the one that sets it and forgets it.

The second is the case with Graphix Response. Operating since 1992, they created a brand, a website, opened their doors for business and haven’t really looked back since.

28 years later, business was good. But the market landscape has drastically changed and it was becoming challenging converting prospects for ALL their print needs.


The internet is in full swing, social media exists, and how does their branding compete with other print service providers in the current landscape? That is exactly why they came to us. They were taking in every print job versus niching down to a specific discipline within their industry, becoming the expert in that one thing.

After discussing the pros and cons of the print industry today, and the types of jobs the owner would like to replicate 100 times over, we discovered that Graphix Response’s specialty in today’s market is actually direct mail printing.


Desktop View

Rebranding requires a certain finesse, you want to make sure that you retain the essence of the brand and not lose the core of it’s messaging but make it relevant in today’s market.

We took to rebranding the logo, the brand’s messaging, overhauled the website to be user friendly and dynamic in mobile view, and even updated the business owner’s personal page in LinkedIn so he can now authentically communicate how he is an expert in direct mail printing.

Laptop View

Tablet View

Mobile View

Facebook Share View



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