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Social Media Branding of Miami's Top Trial Lawyers

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Effective Social Media Branding

Some law firms may still be struggling to use social media effectively. This could be a huge missed opportunity as effective social media marketing for law firms can help you attract prospective clients and build valuable connections.

At the very least, it shows prospects, partners, and the "competition" that you are on top of your brand and care how you show up everywhere. That speaks volumes about your firm.

For years, we've been the social media branding agency for Silva & Silva. They have understood the benefit their law firm can gain from the branding and how to make the most of it.

The Benefits of Social Media Branding for Law Firms

Here are some of the ways Silva & Silva benefit from social media branding:

  1. Create Brand Awareness

  2. Engage your target audience

  3. Attract prospective clients

  4. Establish thought leadership

  5. Improve your SEO efforts

6-Step Silva & Silva Social Media Brand Plan

  1. Updated all designs to match the brand

  2. Updated all content to be consistent

  3. Monitor conversations around the firm

  4. Create testimonial YouTube videos

  5. Share valuable blog posts and news updates

  6. Tell the brand story


The Branding of Silva & Silva Social Media

(click image to be taken to the channel)


More branding work for Silva & Silva by Creative Complex

Visit to check out the website we built for them.


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