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Perfectly Branding a Christian Blog

We have a responsibility to get our message out for the world to see. Depending on the specific niche, you must select the theme and images that really portray what you want to share.

Branding your Christian blog means being specific with several areas of how you want others to see your PURPOSE. Your theme, colors, fonts, and visuals matter. Every single thing on your site need to attract and welcome your audience, and bring to life the topics you are writing about.

The truth is Branding has a lot to do with how you will IMPACT your audience and if it will help carry the MESSAGE we are trying to get across. It helps to keep your blog and message memorable, and attract people to keep coming back.

You might wonder that having a brand isn’t really relevant to your blog because your writing speaks for itself. Your content is the most important thing because that is how you share the Gospel. But so is how you PRESENT it. At the end of the day, your main goal is to get into the heart and minds of your audience, both through visuals and content.

Branding does help you to become recognizable across various platforms. It gives your blog a cohesive, organized look and it appeals to your reader’s eyes. It helps your readers begin to recogize your marketing.

When you establish a clear image and brand personality, it becomes a huge ASSET and opportunity to increase engagement, nurture faith, mobilize discipleship, and cultivate the mindset to serve others.

I have been inspired to build the Daily Godpreneur to keep inspiring readers, writers, and wisdom seekers on God-perspective business writings.

Schedule a discovery call with us here and more.

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