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Opportunity to “Wow” your Customer

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The main objective of branded packaging is.....identification. The packaging is your five-second commercial at the point of purchase.

In a competitive marketplace, packaging is so much more than just placing your product in a box — it’s an opportunity to “wow” your customer! Make opening your package an experience. Showing your customers that you went the extra mile will make a great impression. This can be done in small but impressive gestures such as a thank you card, or creating eye-catching exterior packaging design.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to pay attention to your packaging more!

BUILD TRUST - The entire point of your package is to protect and showcase your work. You want to motivate your customers to pick up your product and to trust in your brand.

  1. CHARGE MORE - Good packaging designs should be able to communicate and instill your business' perceived value and share with customers the same interests.

  2. SELL MORE - Research shows that Packaging alone can escalate a product's visibility, making it more sellable and promoting brand awareness.

  3. MORE AUTHORITY - The message, images, design on your package show consumers how they will benefit from your product. These establish your business in the market.

  4. STAND OUT MORE- Your Packaging can help your brand stand out among your competitors. Remember, the quality of your package reflects the quality of your product.

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