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Is it "Professional" for a Doctor to do Personal Branding?

Is it "professional" for a doctor to do personal branding? Definitely!

Are doctors a brand? Absolutely!

Whether you are a lawyer, a realtor, a corporation, a resident, YOU are a brand. And in these challenging times, even healthcare professionals need to treat their practices more as a business, and personal branding plays a huge role.

Did you know that...

  • 77% of patients start their healthcare search online

  • 76% of patients search for doctors online, while less than 30% of research facilities

  • 84% of patients read online content to evaluate providers

A few months back I wrote a LinkedIn article called 10 Irrefutable Laws of Personal Branding for Doctors.

Among other factors, I explain that a physician's brand is equal to having a great logo, an excellent presentation, and an online presence to build his reputation. The amount of information on the internet has empowered people to choose their physicians from Google search. Thus, having a strong online presence and powerful branding is a must!

So when is the right time to build and promote your brand? The answer? It should have been yesterday.

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