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How to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Over the last year, I noticed LinkedIn has become an important part of the social media marketing mix for my agency. I’ve used it as a primary lead generation and connection-creating tool and also as an essential branding tool. My client spotlights, my articles, and my posts have all done well as more individuals are looking to LinkedIn as their dominant social media platform.

And as part of my branding packages for clients, I’m using LinkedIn to enhance their brand recognition, especially my Business to Business (B2B) launches.

Business entrepreneurs and professionals are recognizing LinkedIn’s strategic marketing value, as well as in other aspects of branding.

And 2020 will be a BIG year for it’s time you get your LinkedIn branding on point!

Your Brand Look & Feel on LinkedIn

Your online branding starts with visibility. How you look, or how you appear to others online. Using LinkedIn for your online branding is essential to be seen by professionals, or by people whom you want to see you.

When using social media for online branding, you should be doing this for the promotion of your company’s brand and yourself as a brand. It’s all about identity – Who are you? What do you do? and Why should I like you?

In doing this, it’s all about optimizing your LinkedIn profile with professionally written, SEO-rich content, that reflects the individual as well as referencing the company at the same time. Having that personal touch instigates the emotional side of the brand, as it moves away from a faceless, corporate entity.

Social media marketing has made it essential now for businesses to have a personal touch to their visibility. Because the individual LinkedIn profile relates to an individual employee, it puts a friendly face on the company and makes it much more personal, too.

The things you can do on LinkedIn for your online branding are:

  • Optimize your profile

  • Make connections

  • Post consistent, quality content

LinkedIn is seen as the social media platform where businesses and professionals can network freely without having to travel anywhere. LinkedIn can help with your online branding primarily through visibility and recognition in a place where your reputation is at home with other like-minded business people.

Here are five ways you can use LinkedIn to build your business brand.

1. A Powerful Alternative for Product Launch Marketing - B2B companies, in particular, have a platform that acts as an ideal distributor of new product information to interested parties (e.g. bloggers, consumers, media, etc.).

2. Recruitment of New Talent Made Simpler - Perhaps a non-issue for confirmed solopreneurs, but if you are in expansion mode and need professional help, there are few social networks that match LinkedIn's quality reach.

3. A Viral Lead Generation Tool - LinkedIn can be an effective lead generation tool for online entrepreneurs looking for alternatives to e-mail marketing, squeeze pages, and banner ads.

4. A Content and Content Marketing Juggernaut - LinkedIn members not only savor rich content, but they bookmark profiles that provide it and are keen to spread the word to others.

-Unimpeded sharing of content with your current followers and connections.

-Better access to potential clients and industry influencers via LinkedIn advertising.

5. Making Yourself More Searchable - It's no secret that the chances of success in online marketing are enhanced with better search engine visibility. LinkedIn can be part of the solution since an optimized LinkedIn profile (profile, company page) makes it easier for prospects and like-minded business people to find you.

Doing a few things well can enhance your brand, like:

  • Making your business title and company name stand out with action words.

  • Describing your enterprise and yourself completely in your profile.

  • Using the right keywords in your biography and homepage description.

  • Linking back to your website and/or blogs in your profile, description, and latest posts.

Final Thoughts on Branding Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn branding should come naturally to both novice and experienced business people. Take the opportunity to showcase your current positioning in your niche market, past accomplishments, and what you can do for others given the right set of circumstances.

LinkedIn should be considered a good business investment for upwardly mobile entrepreneurs looking to extend their brand both locally and on a global scale. It has the potential to become a one-stop social media hub for making more connections, attracting new clients, and distributing vital information to folks who value your contributions.


Get attention, drive interest, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn Branding!

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