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How to Perfectly Brand Your IT Company

An IT SERVICE-BASED business differs markedly from a product-based business. Without commodity and inventory, you must sell IDEAS, INTANGIBLES and PROMISES. And this takes a different strategic approach and practice.

Branding tells the story of what customers can expect from your services, what you want to accomplish and how you’ll accomplish it. All these things ultimately help differentiate your business from others in the big world of Information Technology.

What should you implement for your service-based business?

Find your unique position. You must know what differentiates you from your competition and it must be a measurable distinct. The difference is not limited to quality and customer service. In IT, it can go as far as delivery assurances, turn around time, and other unique services you offer.

Optimize your visibility. YOU CANNOT LET YOUR BUSINESS WAIT FOR DISCOVERY. A business must make itself known in various ways. Today, there are more marketing channels available that IT businesses can take advantage of. There are hundreds of ways to reach markets and ways to make your branding stand-out.

Sell Value not Price. The service you offer is not a commodity, so you want to stress its value to the consumer. If your customers value time, accuracy, readiness, follow up, customer service, innovation and so on, that’s what you must sell. Price will follow customer need in an open market.

Formalize and Revise Strategy. Strategy differs from planning. Planning brings organization to any venture, and you must plan from the beginning. Strategy, on the other hand, is the how-to.

Strong Online Presence. Dominate the online space through website and social media to name a few. There's a real strategic opportunity here and a lot of companies have established strong brands and relationships with their market online. The strongest brands are online, and so should you.

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