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Branded PowerPoint Presentations Help Close More Deals

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

How do you create outstanding sales decks that help close more deals?

Do branded PowerPoint even help close more deals??

What Types of PowerPoint can be Branded?

We've branded presentations for:

  • Sales Presentations

  • Business Proposals

  • Marketing Plans

  • Investment Pitch Decks

  • Startup Business Decks

  • Business Plans

  • Real Estate Presentations

  • Architect Proposals

  • Annual Reports

  • COO Reports

  • Project Proposals

4 Keys to Perfectly Branded PowerPoints?

Your goal is to ultimately sell your company’s product or service to your prospective clients, but before you can do that you need to build a connection with them. Everyone judges a book by it's cover, and a well-designed PowerPoint makes you look like you came prepared. The graphic design layout of the deck allows you to control how you are perceived, so use branding to your advantage.

  1. Make your sales decks visually stunning. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. They also evoke emotions even faster than text can. Bring your decks to life with background videos or try a parallax effect for something different. In addition to helping your deck stand out from what your audience is used to seeing, these elements serve as helpful visual aids for your prospects. They’ll walk out of the conference room with a lasting impression.

  2. Stick with one template. By keeping your decks visually consistent, your brand will be more memorable to your prospects. Making sure they are visually consistent with your marketing collateral will also solidify brand recalls for future interactions with your prospective customers.

  3. Cater your deck to your target audience. Addressing your audience personally shows that you care about them. This allows you to form a strong client-company relationship from the get-go and draw them to what you are trying to sell. If your product is useful for clients from completely different industries, make sure you understand the concerns that are specific to them.

  4. Create two versions of your deck. Your primary one should contain enough keywords that will guide you through your live presentation but not so many that your audience is reading your deck instead of listening to you. The second version is what you want to send to your prospects when they follow up with you. It should go into more detail than your first version, with enough essential information like pricing plans and product features that will help them make an informed decision about paying for your product.


A great sales deck that balances visual flair and concise information will be memorable to your audience, regardless of who they are. You never know when you will run into a representative from a company you want to be in touch with. Having a convincing sales deck that encourages them to connect you to the right people at their firm will help you close deals in no time. Want to make your sales deck more engaging? Schedule a discovery call with Creative Complex.


Need Branded PowerPoint Presentations?

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