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Are Shorter Domain Names Better?

What are domain names?

A domain name is the web address of a website. It is an easy-to-remember address that people type in their browser address bars when looking for websites. A registered domain name is unique to the user and cannot be copied or used by another website.

Think of it as the street address of your home. It’s how people find you online. It is an internet resource that online organizations and web servers recognize.

A domain name can be used to identify a group of IP addresses or a single IP. It has two parts, each separated by a dot. The part of the domain name that follows the dot is a top-level domain where the domain name belongs.

You can buy a domain name from a domain name registrar. They charge an annual fee for it, sort of like a rent or lease. You lose the domain name when you don’t renew it. There are many predatory domain name registrars out there, so you do well to get from a certified and trusted domain registrar like and Hostgator, and

What is the ideal length of a domain name?

Generally speaking, a short domain name is best for branding purposes. However, it needs to follow a holistic approach. The short domain should be easy to relay, remember and spell. The ideal length of a domain name is five to eight character names.

A review of the top 250 websites in the world, according to Alexa, shows that the average number of domain name characters was 7-15. 177 domains (70%) had 8 characters or less. The most common domains had 7 characters and 2 words. Three domains contained a dash and only 11 out of the 250 domains had an alphanumeric.

The benefits of a short domain name

Build connections

Shorter domains or URLs are domain names with two words or less. They are concise, easy to read and remember. They are easier to include on printed materials, brochures and business cards. The catchier the URL, the more likely it is to stick in a user’s mind. The ability of your website name to be memorable helps brands to build stronger relationships with prospects and customers.

Easy to remember

Longer domain names are most difficult to type, remember to say and spell. The meaning of a domain is also lost in a long domain name. It’s easier to get your point across with a shorter domain.

Increases relevance of your site

It has a hint of relevance that transforms into a popular trend. When you also consider that most users have a short attention span, it becomes more imperative to use a memorable domain name that can be easily called to mind.


A short domain name is authoritative, especially where generic domain names are concerned. Online users type in the URL and automatically expect to find the information they are looking for. Rarity gives a short domain name more appeal. Currently, there are 676 possible 2-letter combinations for .com domain extensions and they’ve generated roughly 100 million registrations.

Easy to type on mobile

It is also easy to make mistakes with a long domain name. Most users are mobile so you have to consider the screen size and size of fingers entering the URL in the tiny web browser. Typos syphon your website traffic to a competitor who reaps the reward of your hard work.

Social media appeal

In an age of social media platforms, word of mouth potential should be considered. People are less likely to repeat a longer domain to a friend as they would a shorter domain name. Think of all the household brands you know. Most of them are short, branded domain names.

Reflects your brands

Short domain names clarify the vision, focus and core values of your brand. When choosing the perfect domain name, consider the following

  • The unique feature of your brand

  • What you stand for

  • Who you want to target

  • Your usefulness to your target audience

  • What makes you better than your competitors

SEO boost

A descriptive and memorable domain name generates more clicks and traffic, which leads to higher SERP ranking.


It’s easy for keyword domains to get lost in a sea of similar domains. Hence, keyword-rich domains, although superior, could lose their significance. A short and sweet domain name establishes a stronger market positioning for your brand.

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