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7 Tips to Gain Followers, Increase Engagement and Boost your Brand Popularity on LinkedIn

Are your posts on LinkedIn falling on deaf ears? You see other people getting tons of likes and comments, meanwhile, your posts are getting lost. You’ve something you want to share, and it’s probably good, but you’re about to kick the can on LinkedIn and stick to what’s been working.

I understand. I was there.

LinkedIn has evolved as a great platform, especially for content marketing and branding strategies!

Personally, I like using LinkedIn because it almost seems irresponsible to be checking my Facebook and Instagram while I’m working. LinkedIn is my 9-5 social media channel, and I coach this to my clients as well. I don’t think I’m alone in this thought.

Here are 7 tips and tricks that will benefit and boost your LinkedIn profile brand and engagement:

1. Content is the King

Great content is what LinkedIn is all about. Don’t get me wrong, LinkedIn is great for lead generation. But the BIGGEST benefit LinkedIn offers is the ability to share BUSINESS-RELATED content.

I’ve tried to make my content valuable and different. It needs to be DEEP, not superficial. People on LinkedIn are INTELLIGENT. Ask questions. Pose thoughts. Add value, don’t just make noise. Videos and visuals help you increase the reach of your posts immensely.

2. Don’t Just Copy Paste Your Repurposed Content

I made this mistake at the beginning. I would just take my blog posts and repost them on LinkedIn. You have to change it up for the audience on LinkedIn. This might help you in the short run, but not in the long-run.

Posting content that is entertaining or informative will always help you to stand out from the crowd. Share your own experiences, expertise consistently, without any copy-pasting on your professional network.

3. Post 2-3 Times Per Day

I used Hootsuite to schedule out posts on LinkedIn, sometimes even more than 3 times per day.

Consistency is the key! But that doesn’t mean crowd posting. One or two posts on a daily basis or an article a day, not initially but eventually reap you benefits unmatched. Your constant efforts may turn out to be fruitful, only if they are of value to others.

4. Be Professionally Personal

I’m a Christian entrepreneur with a blog about how business and God mix, so you better believe I’m all over LinkedIn with my thoughts on spirituality and business. I’m also a branding guy, so I love sharing my personal client experiences.

You and your brand have to be authentic. Open up and share your personal experiences, be it gross ones or happy ones. People love to hear what’s real and true. Sharing information related to your personal growth, wisdom, and more which can also help others evolve professionally is of utmost value.

5. Interaction for Ever-lasting Impact

Every day I’m on LinkedIn saying happy birthday to people and congratulating them on their new positions. Well...not me...but my virtual assistant is :-) Still, I see their replies on my phone and I then personally engage.

Also, I have a “hit list” of prospects that I want to do business with, so I always “like” and “comment” on their posts. It shows them I hear them. People love to be heard and understood.

And when you do a post and someone engages, make sure you are interacting with him/her. When you respond to people personally on the post, it boosts up your visibility. Your LinkedIn headline then drives more traffic. As your other followers can also see that on your valuable content you are interacting with others too.

6. Proofread Everything

I use to proofread all my stuff. I have the extension on my browser so it can even check my replies and messages.

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals where creditability can not be established if there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Never fully trust yourself with this. Humans are bound to make errors.

Everything you post on your LinkedIn profile must be proofread before posting. This must be followed on a constant basis. Even a single error may dull your impression on others.

7. LinkedIn Recommendations

I don’t do this one enough, but it’s HUGE! You have to use the recommendations more on LinkedIn.

Make sure you invest in this to reinforce your professional reputation.


When the above LinkedIn tips are used strategically and selectively, it will help you boost your LinkedIn profile and earn LinkedIn recommendations. It signals to strong relationships you have had with your followers and clients.

Implement these LinkedIn tips and boost your performance in a range of ways. Join groups, interact with others, and create value for consistent reciprocity. At last, never forget to grow your connections and authentically mention your followers on LinkedIn profile for organic LinkedIn recommendations.


Do you need to Boost Your Brand Popularity?

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